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Gradient Mesh Exercise

Hello again,

I’m back with another assignment in hand. This one was working with the gradient tool. It took me a total of about 10 – 15 hours to do as I was getting use to the tool itself.

… so here it is.


I started off with the red pepper it looked nice to begin with but because I just started using this tool I had a couple of problems and fixes through out the 4 peppers. Restarting the red pepper a couple of times was annoying but it was worth it helping me feel more comfortable using the tool through out the rest of the assignment.

picture 1



I then did the same through out all the other peppers trying to make them as realistic as I could. There are white spaces in the middle of the peppers because I made the stems of the peppers a separate layer.

Shot 1 Shot 3 Shot 2


I started off the stems of the peppers with one mesh (Figure 1). The shape as well as the colours blending did not look visually appealing so I decided to make the stem using two meshes helping them to look more smooth and real (Figure 2&3).

Figure 1
separate part of stem
Figure 2
orange stem
Figure 3



Once done I did some finishing touches to the peppers and achieved this…

Final shot in WordPress


This assignment took me a bit longer than expected but overall I enjoyed using the gradient mesh tool on these peppers.