Mini Movie

Hi there,

I was working on a short one minute movie. Just want to tell you how I achieved this.

The story of my mini movie is my friend plays as a student who does a assignment and drops it on the ground. Later having his friend find it on the ground and give it back to him. For comedy I had my friend throw it out in the end.

I started this task by sketching out what my friends were going to do in the movie. Later filming it for a couple of days, due to schedules for my two friends.  Once I got all of my footage I put it into a software called Avid Media Composer. I Gathering all the shots and edited the material splicing what I liked and putting it into my sequence.

The one problem I found would be that due to filming on separate days the lighting looks more dull near the end. Other than that It was fun putting this assignment together.Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 4.33.17 PM



Here is a link to the video:

Gradient Mesh Exercise

Hello again,

I’m back with another assignment in hand. This one was working with the gradient tool. It took me a total of about 10 – 15 hours to do as I was getting use to the tool itself.

… so here it is.


I started off with the red pepper it looked nice to begin with but because I just started using this tool I had a couple of problems and fixes through out the 4 peppers. Restarting the red pepper a couple of times was annoying but it was worth it helping me feel more comfortable using the tool through out the rest of the assignment.

picture 1



I then did the same through out all the other peppers trying to make them as realistic as I could. There are white spaces in the middle of the peppers because I made the stems of the peppers a separate layer.

Shot 1 Shot 3 Shot 2


I started off the stems of the peppers with one mesh (Figure 1). The shape as well as the colours blending did not look visually appealing so I decided to make the stem using two meshes helping them to look more smooth and real (Figure 2&3).

Figure 1
separate part of stem
Figure 2
orange stem
Figure 3



Once done I did some finishing touches to the peppers and achieved this…

Final shot in WordPress


This assignment took me a bit longer than expected but overall I enjoyed using the gradient mesh tool on these peppers.

Character Illustration- Hawkeye

Hi there,

          My name is Stephen Ditta and once again I am back with a really cool assignment! I have been working a sketch, the character is named Hawkeye. I have worked on this assignment for a total of approximately 20 hours inking and 5 hours colouring,  I was super dedicated to this piece of art. I want to sincerely thank Steven Sanchez for letting me use his amazing drawing of Hawkeye. If you want to see more of his art check it out here at

 Let’s get started…

          I first started this sketch by inking some lines to get the feel for using the pen tool on illustrator. It took a while to make the lines because I was deciding what to trace and what not to trace. I wanted to make sure the art still looked aesthetically pleasing. Once I did that I practiced with other images online to get a better feel to how the tracings should look.

 1st) Inking Arrow

          Once I felt comfortable I started with the most important part, “the head”. I made sure that I put the most time into this part of the sketch, as it is the first thing the viewer looks at. After completing the head I moved onto the arm. After a couple of lessons with the Wacom tablet in-class and on my own time I started to take interest in it. I switched to the Wacom tablet finishing the right arm of Hawkeye and boy did I ever feel proud.

2nd Head almost compleat (get the full head pic)3rd arm right (started to use wacom)

          Once I finished the right arm I sort of fell into a parade of assignments that held me back a couple of days from continuing this assignment; however, I managed to plough through the assignments getting back on track. The left arm of Hawkeye took me a while to do as it had lots to shade in. But, once finishing from the torso up I felt a sense of satisfaction. It started to piece together and look amazing.

4th left arm detail and shading5th  arms finished

          Finally I finished off the piece by sketching the legs as well as the foreground. This was the final inked sketch that I completed.

7th chest done and on to the legs 8th shot finished inked hawkeye

          Lastly was the colouring part, and boy was it ever fun. I started with a whole bunch of ideas for colours as well as looking up references as to what colours Hawkeye proudly wears. I created this first coloured sketch of Hawkeye, but I was not feeling the colours, they were just too dark in my opinion.

Coloring top 1 (for reference to gradient mesh and what colors are going to be used)

          I wanted it to look more like the original Hawkeye which used lighter colours. Finally achieving this as my final piece.

 coloured and finished final

           Once again I want to thank Steven Sanchez for giving me the opportunity to ink and colour his work. I really enjoyed creating  this piece of art. Until next time.

MY Web Site Visual Prototype

Hi Stephen Here,

Showing you a website I made in my class Interactive Media Tools. I will be going through what choices I made, why I made them, what I found challenging, and how I overcame those challenges.

First off I started with a quick layout and added my grids. If I didn’t like the placement of the pictures I knew I could move the grids and images to different positions. This simple beginning helped me to organize my starting folders as well as a general idea of where I want everything to be laid out.



With the grid I also made my base for my buttons. This part was challenging and time consuming for me because I continuously created my buttons outside of my working space.



As I continued, I was aligning the images at the bottom to keep the page looking new and not repetitive. I tried a couple of methods but they all seemed too small and just did not show enough of the picture for a new view to understand what was going on.

Adjusting the placement of the images Continuously fixing layout of the images



This is the layout I slowly started moving towards. I decided that I wanted it to have a different feel from the other pictures, so I gave the picture and text a dark blue background color with a lighter blue stroke. I found this made the picture less repetitive and more eye appealing.

Fixing the backdrop color for a good mix with the pictures backdrop


This is the final adjustment that I chose for the pictures and text. I felt that the text fit perfectly at the bottom of the image and was more eye appealing. The only thing that I changed was the color to the text and titles.

5th fixing backdrop of images and letter fonts and colors

6th playing around with the colors on the fonts


Nearing the end I placed arrows on the buttons with an example of a drop down tab. This is to show what the user would be seeing when they hover their cursor over the tab/button.

7th setting up buttons and straitning the arrows for each using a grid


picture of tab with picture 7


I finally played around with the circular buttons to allow the user to change the image. Short story I chose white because it stood out the most followed by the black circle which was the image you are currently on.

8th circular button layout choose white


Adding the Log in and Sign Up buttons as well as the follow us images to give the top navigation a more professional and spacious area. Same with the bottom navigation showing off the publishers, developers, and the engine for the game with help, platforms, other genres, and disclaimers.

9th putting in the follow us IMG's


Final picture of compleated work


My work, as well as my progression